Just wanted to say

2017-10-01 16:38:36 by death2go

Hey guys death here again, i just wanna take the time to tell everyone how much i appreciate the support ive gotten for the past 2 years, its been a bumpy road for me, but every step of the way someone has supported me so i want to thank you people of newgrounds for taking the time to actually help me strive or to make me feel better the few times i have had a hissy fit on here (kek)

If it wasnt for newgrounds im not entirely sure i would still be making music, soundcloud is hard as hell to get noticed on, and the motivation and support i get there is sparse. 

Honestly i never really considered this somewhere to put music in until i played geometry dash.

I was inspired to put music on here after they introduce the custom song thing in the game, and thus gave me more reason to put music on newgrounds (before this i had been making music on fl mobile so yeah i was limited)

Ever since then ive been getting more and more support and having been noticed more and more, to the point now that im considering doing this as something more of a hobby

So thank you soo much and have a nice existence!


Im back

2017-09-30 17:41:49 by death2go

Oh hey! Im back!


2017-09-13 23:12:55 by death2go

Things are about to get Sicc

that is all

Dont die

Once again

2017-08-31 16:44:18 by death2go

So once again i was banned from scouting people as well as not being able to submit stuff here for a month, due to someone who i scouted doing a dick move and uploading a monstercat song and claiming it as their own. Like, really, of all people to steal from you chose monster cat?!? A huge company?!? Stealing peoples stuff is stupid as hell already, your taking something people spent their time making and saying you spent that time.

Like for fucks sake, can i scout someone who isnt doing this kind of shit?

i understand newgrounds actions towards my account to prevent, me from making more mistakes, well except for banning from from uploading anything, but there must be a reason :/

When and if i get my scouting privaleges back, i will most likely not use them really much, i try to look for potential and all i get are people who pretend to be someone they are not and stealing other peoples work,I

I know this bitching wont help shit but... like holy fuck

At this point i understand that the small little group of people that were looking at this channel has came and went, and i know that no one reads these anymore, but idk i saw the pm's, and honestly i want to strangle someone with a spaghetti noodle

I needed somewhere to vent this

In the meantime i guess ill still work on music, gotta have something i can say i do (but still never mention cuz im socially awkward to people like that)

Just one more thing cuz i know i shouldnt be wasting my time making this shit :/

Im making music for a video game project for a game me and some of my friends are working on in engineering, it probs wont be nothing big, but i wanted to have something positive here...

Thank you for sitting through this i want to thank, i really appreciate anyone who has tried to push me forward and has supported me, as few as it may be it still means alot!

I would say have a great day but i cant gurantee it

also shout out to waterflame for who i asked to give some feedback on a song 2 years ago and replied shortly after, but never saw until last week, and still gave me some insight on my other songs! Thanks man! You're amazing!



A little update

2017-08-10 13:29:46 by death2go

Been a while since i really said anything on here, mostly cuz of marching band taking too much of my time,

Also cuz ive been stigy as hell with the little bit of time i have that isnt taken

so if you havent guessed by now, i didnt make it into the final round, 

Who wouldve guessed.

anyways im still gonna be uploading stuff cuz im not one of those kid who throws a fit about not winning and never uploading again

I feel like about 2-3 more songs would be uploaded and hopefully finished by the end of this year

I have a few layouts in progress like a retro like dnb and an egyptian 4 measure loop so idfk where that will end up

One more thing i did upload a new song like a week ago or something

Its not like its good or anything

anyways have a good day :)

dont die

so i uploaded my track for the NGUAC and so far its been recieved postively which is great!

i didnt expect this to get positive feedback considering the fact i usually do dnb and such and this was my first attempt at this style

also wanted to inform people that the pokemon platinum gym battle (death n' bass mix) has been updated and fixed 

now you can hear stuff that isn't the saxophone :D

didnt have much else to say

have a great day

unless you dont want to

        which is fine... i guess

oh hello didnt see you there!

okay,if you arent already aware, im a HUGE procrastinator, hell, i was supposed to work on my car during this summer and i barely did anything to it, and i have a driving test in a month to get my license...

Which i haven't practiced at all for like a month due to the original car i was practicing on was given to my mother

so now i have a monthe to essentially get my 67 mustang into drivable condition, including replacing floor pans, removing steel cage foundation, laying down carpet, putting up the instrument cluster, rewiring the stuff,

just overall just a bundle of joy i wish to curl into and cry while listening to a sad dramatic version of allstar

atleast my dad is helping me buy the stuff, especially since the last time i checked how much i earned a month was uhh...


which is less... than my ideal amount, partially due to me not having a job cuz it would be difficult without me being able to drive there which kinda causes a loop.

(yes i wasted 5 minutes of my life making that picture)

okay on a more somewhat topic related post, i wish i could say im doing fine developing the next track for nguac, but uh yeah... like i said i procrastinate... dont remember the last time i didnt do a school the night before it was due...

so the main issue was the track i started working on once the info got out, and ends up i could think of anything to do to create smooth transitions and overall i couldnt get it to flow right... so i scrapped, i still might eventually finish it, but i cant afford to waste more time than i already will not making this track and goofing around.

when did i scrap the track you may ask?


2 days ago

yeah i just made the already difficult challenge for me to make it in 15 days to 6 days im a dumbass

i dont want to say much about what im working on right now for the track except that its way different than what i usually make (which is literally all over the place like ffs i just released some trap track) lets say it is a style opposite of what midnight hellstorm was and is something ive never fully finished...

i know i should produce stuff im more comfortable making for the contest but im already uncomfortable every day of my life XD

i mean its not like i stream myself producing it occasionally somewhere thats linked in my profile i mean who does that, i mean even so people wouldnt have to watch me live they could just go to recent broadcast and find the one that looks like its a music stream

but i dont do that...

my dads also getting frustrated about me prioritizing my music over things such as the car, and i understand i should spend more time on it, but for the past 3 days from like 9am to 8pm its in the feels like 100+ degrees

also how about that new pfp i have? beautiful isnt it?

im refering to both the pfp and the other thing that was called something which was basically the large pfp

k back on topic...

i didnt intend on making this as long as it is, my adhd is just Everywhere today,

especially since i slept for 2 hours today, like i couldnt fall asleep last night but im too lazy to take a nap,

how you may ask?

so yeah imma go out in the heat with 2 hours of sleep with an air power cutter wheel and a grinder tool to cut out the welded steel cage foundations out.

Sounds Safe!

so i suppose i should end this off here, but to recap this...

uhhh i was gonna say something funny here but i forgot...

have a good existance!

of course considering that someones reads this...

considering this post is the size of a short novel...

and the fact that no one goes on newgrounds to read post updates from someone who they barely know

except for my mods on my discord and twitch... just so they can point out an error in this post

well see yall around!

"pillsbury me alive" 



Shouldve said this earlier

2017-06-20 16:33:52 by death2go

Well, i found this out like 2 days ago so sorry for holding out but.... i wasnt removed from the portal! I was still a verified audio member! Also ive been scouted again yesterday! And today ive gotten an invitation to compete in the NGUAC, the newgrounds underdog audio contest! Im pretty sure everyone gets this but still makes me feel confident i really love contest but never have time to do them, this will be one i will do, (unless i forget) im on a vacation in south padre till the 25 so i gotta fix up midnight hellstorm a very little bit (i found 2 issues) and hope i can submit in time, this is more of a test to see how far ive come, because back in 2014, when i made the cringe known as thunder clap, (its on old SC if your curious) i never thought i would improve but as i went from FL Mobile to Lmms (linux music making software) (it was free) and made midnight borealis on it, i truly felt accomplished and ever since then ive been determined to make the best tracks i can, even if most of my stuff at the time was free and now im in fl studio, im confident in what i do, not saying im the best, but definitely better than in 2014. Idk what my goal of the message here is but idk, things are fine right now for me, and i ddint want the sad message being what you see when you go to my profile! Have a good existance! :D

for anyone who cares

2017-06-15 13:51:45 by death2go

first off, thank you everyone who has supported me in everything i do, especially Oreox, Neykar, Oreobearpanda and LLCalirep. if you dont know, i am no longer able to post audio tracks on the portal, i will still be able to post on the page for those few who even cared about the songs and just didnt feel bad about my songs. i lost my scouting privaleges due to not being throurough with my research and verification of legit songs and ended up scouting alot of unoriginal people, such as stock loopers and other things, im sorry i let everyone down, if i could go back i would be extremely careful with who i scouted. but we cant change the past, so lets look at the future, wont probably post on here as much (like ffs 10 tracks in 6 months) and probably wont be super active on here, might upload to sc a little more, im not sure. thanks again for the great year and a half of being on ng (im not counting 2015 *cringes*) and hopefully one day ill get those privelages back! but in the mean time ill just be on this page! (geez i suck at trying to be emotional)

hey guys, its me, anyways like it says in the subject im gonna be dropping a bunch of my decent but older songs (3 atm), so im posting this in case your wondering why i am posting alot of "new" Songs!