Once again

2017-08-31 16:44:18 by death2go

So once again i was banned from scouting people as well as not being able to submit stuff here for a month, due to someone who i scouted doing a dick move and uploading a monstercat song and claiming it as their own. Like, really, of all people to steal from you chose monster cat?!? A huge company?!? Stealing peoples stuff is stupid as hell already, your taking something people spent their time making and saying you spent that time.

Like for fucks sake, can i scout someone who isnt doing this kind of shit?

i understand newgrounds actions towards my account to prevent, me from making more mistakes, well except for banning from from uploading anything, but there must be a reason :/

When and if i get my scouting privaleges back, i will most likely not use them really much, i try to look for potential and all i get are people who pretend to be someone they are not and stealing other peoples work,I

I know this bitching wont help shit but... like holy fuck

At this point i understand that the small little group of people that were looking at this channel has came and went, and i know that no one reads these anymore, but idk i saw the pm's, and honestly i want to strangle someone with a spaghetti noodle

I needed somewhere to vent this

In the meantime i guess ill still work on music, gotta have something i can say i do (but still never mention cuz im socially awkward to people like that)

Just one more thing cuz i know i shouldnt be wasting my time making this shit :/

Im making music for a video game project for a game me and some of my friends are working on in engineering, it probs wont be nothing big, but i wanted to have something positive here...

Thank you for sitting through this i want to thank, i really appreciate anyone who has tried to push me forward and has supported me, as few as it may be it still means alot!

I would say have a great day but i cant gurantee it

also shout out to waterflame for who i asked to give some feedback on a song 2 years ago and replied shortly after, but never saw until last week, and still gave me some insight on my other songs! Thanks man! You're amazing!




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2017-08-31 17:06:40

I understand what you mean, and i agree, i suggest being a bit careful with scouting people though, like, don't scout anyone who seems a bit "shady" or like they would break the rules without caring about the consequences, and make sure you do a bit of "research" on them to see if they're legitimate "musicians" and not people who steal stuff from here and there and upload it here for whatever dumb reason they have.

I've scouted like 40+ artists and i do this all the time to make sure that i'm not scouting thiefs or anything similar and so far, i've never scouted a single artist who stole artwork from anywhere or broke the rules in any way, i suggest you do it too next time if you plan on scouting someone.

I hope you get your scouting privileges back though, and good luck with your music and that game you're working on.

death2go responds:

Thanks man! However i did consider all the resources i can
to make sure, and at the time he seemed legitimate, the letter said that he uploaded a monstercat song after i scouted him, :/


2017-08-31 19:06:23

I understand, but why would they do that? It's stupid to be honest. When they upload something, the terms and conditions says "do not upload a track hosted by a major label" but I guess they didn't read it.

And also stealing a well known song and claiming it as their own?? I'm pretty sure people wouldn't buy that from the get go.

All in all, so sorry about what happened :(

death2go responds:

The sad thing is that this happened before and i got temporarily unscouted for the same reason so it really bugs me that they think they can get away with that, i just want good people to
be seen without having to freak out on whether or not its really them, and i usually like google the song name to see if it matches something,
im not sure how else to verify it. anyways thanks for responding man!

Why is the mobile version of this site so buggy when you try to reply :/