A little update

2017-08-10 13:29:46 by death2go

Been a while since i really said anything on here, mostly cuz of marching band taking too much of my time,

Also cuz ive been stigy as hell with the little bit of time i have that isnt taken

so if you havent guessed by now, i didnt make it into the final round, 

Who wouldve guessed.

anyways im still gonna be uploading stuff cuz im not one of those kid who throws a fit about not winning and never uploading again

I feel like about 2-3 more songs would be uploaded and hopefully finished by the end of this year

I have a few layouts in progress like a retro like dnb and an egyptian 4 measure loop so idfk where that will end up

One more thing i did upload a new song like a week ago or something

Its not like its good or anything

anyways have a good day :)

dont die


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