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i make sounds till i accidentally make it good :/

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oh hello didnt see you there!

okay,if you arent already aware, im a HUGE procrastinator, hell, i was supposed to work on my car during this summer and i barely did anything to it, and i have a driving test in a month to get my license...

Which i haven't practiced at all for like a month due to the original car i was practicing on was given to my mother

so now i have a monthe to essentially get my 67 mustang into drivable condition, including replacing floor pans, removing steel cage foundation, laying down carpet, putting up the instrument cluster, rewiring the stuff,

just overall just a bundle of joy i wish to curl into and cry while listening to a sad dramatic version of allstar

atleast my dad is helping me buy the stuff, especially since the last time i checked how much i earned a month was uhh...


which is less... than my ideal amount, partially due to me not having a job cuz it would be difficult without me being able to drive there which kinda causes a loop.

(yes i wasted 5 minutes of my life making that picture)

okay on a more somewhat topic related post, i wish i could say im doing fine developing the next track for nguac, but uh yeah... like i said i procrastinate... dont remember the last time i didnt do a school the night before it was due...

so the main issue was the track i started working on once the info got out, and ends up i could think of anything to do to create smooth transitions and overall i couldnt get it to flow right... so i scrapped, i still might eventually finish it, but i cant afford to waste more time than i already will not making this track and goofing around.

when did i scrap the track you may ask?


2 days ago

yeah i just made the already difficult challenge for me to make it in 15 days to 6 days im a dumbass

i dont want to say much about what im working on right now for the track except that its way different than what i usually make (which is literally all over the place like ffs i just released some trap track) lets say it is a style opposite of what midnight hellstorm was and is something ive never fully finished...

i know i should produce stuff im more comfortable making for the contest but im already uncomfortable every day of my life XD

i mean its not like i stream myself producing it occasionally somewhere thats linked in my profile i mean who does that, i mean even so people wouldnt have to watch me live they could just go to recent broadcast and find the one that looks like its a music stream

but i dont do that...

my dads also getting frustrated about me prioritizing my music over things such as the car, and i understand i should spend more time on it, but for the past 3 days from like 9am to 8pm its in the feels like 100+ degrees

also how about that new pfp i have? beautiful isnt it?

im refering to both the pfp and the other thing that was called something which was basically the large pfp

k back on topic...

i didnt intend on making this as long as it is, my adhd is just Everywhere today,

especially since i slept for 2 hours today, like i couldnt fall asleep last night but im too lazy to take a nap,

how you may ask?

so yeah imma go out in the heat with 2 hours of sleep with an air power cutter wheel and a grinder tool to cut out the welded steel cage foundations out.

Sounds Safe!

so i suppose i should end this off here, but to recap this...

uhhh i was gonna say something funny here but i forgot...

have a good existance!

of course considering that someones reads this...

considering this post is the size of a short novel...

and the fact that no one goes on newgrounds to read post updates from someone who they barely know

except for my mods on my discord and twitch... just so they can point out an error in this post

well see yall around!

"pillsbury me alive" 



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